Still need the following Play Props
 Briefcase Jam Dish and Knife
 Empty Wine Bottle Tea Cups, Saucers, Plates (set of three)
 Toy Soliders and a Toy Battleship Tablecloth
 Trumpet Knives, Forks, Spoons (3 each)
 Wide-Brimmed Hats (2) Tray for Dishes
 Canoe Paddle Soup Pail/Mess Kit Pot with Handle and Lid
 Old Looking Backpack Fedora Hat
 Canteens (2) Goblets
 Handkerchiefs (2) Wine Glasses (3)
 Penknife (toy) Candle Sticks
 Fake Pistol Vase w/Fake Flowers
 Nightstick/Billyclub Doctor Case
 Black Women's Gloves (2 pair) Old Luggage (3 cases)
 Curtains with Curtain Cord